The Use of Motion Graphics in Advertising and Brand Design: Luxury or Necessity?

According to research conducted by the University of Sussex, the use of motion graphics can increase brand memorability by up to 89%. This means that by using motion graphics in their advertising campaigns and brand materials, companies and advertising agencies can expect better message retention from their target audience.

In addition, the use of motion graphics can also help create a stronger and more coherent audio-visual identity for the brand. This is particularly important in an increasingly digital world where brands compete for attention on a variety of platforms and channels.

It's important to remember that motion graphics is not just a decoration, but a powerful tool for delivering a message in a clear and impactful way. That's why Render Criativo believes that motion graphics is a necessity, not just a luxury, in creating a good audio-visual identity for a brand.

If you are a company or advertising agency looking for a solution to create a strong and memorable audio-visual identity for your brand, don't hesitate to


Render Criativo. We have the experience and expertise to help you create motion graphics that will help you achieve your business goals.